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Please choose your preferred option. The FREE option is our BASIC package. If you wish to have direct exposure to up to 30,000 website visitors or the 500,000 newsletter list of licensed professionals, see other options and benefits below.


$ 500 Monthly


$ 1000 Monthly


$ 4500 Monthly
wdt_ID Features Basic (Free) Silver Gold Platinum
2 Profile on category-specific listings. 1 2 3 5
3 Edit your company profile.
4 Do-follow link on sponsor page.
5 Stand out from the crowd, head above, branding, direct links, traffic to your website, with highlighted listing in search results.
6 Prominent ad featured in state-specific newsletters of the vendor's choice. 2 States 2 States All 57 States
7 A sidebar ad ($300/month value) placed on the side panels of the directory. Middle Area Top Area Top Area
8 Upload your own custom logo.
9 Featured spot for Company Profile on the Behavioral Health Software Vendors homepage.
10 Dedicated blog post or review using the vendor’s suggested criteria (distribution of 500,000 professionals).
11 Sponsored Solo CME and CE Webinar Guest Appearance ($5000), which includes a 45-minute interview by staff and free CME and CE offerings for all attendees up to 300 professionals.
12 Enhanced webinar promotion across media platforms.
13 Dedicated follow-up email to webinar attendees indirectly promoting the vendor's product.
14 Includes a blog post and video summarizing the vendor's presentation shared on platforms.
15 An invitation to Video Fire-side Chat to learn about the vendor’s product in a separate, dedicated group video meeting with other interested parties.
16 Private mailing to webinar attendees to attend a private 30-min. vendor video Q&A workshop designed for professionals interested in the workshop.
17 The recorded group video meeting Q&A can be edited and one video segment will be posted to the vendor profile and sent to all registrants who requested vendor information at registration.
18 Link to curated webinar content for the company's independent promotional efforts.
19 Priority leads from highly engaged users who've demonstrated a strong intention to purchase.
20 Concierge setup and customer support.