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OnPage is a trusted provider of HIPAA-compliant clinical communication & collaboration solutions dedicated to improving patient care and outcomes by delivering critical information securely and instantly to the right care providers at the right time.

Its web management console and smartphone app provide healthcare providers with a secure, reliable and fast way to communicate with colleagues, ensuring better patient outcomes. OnPage offers the industry’s only alert-until-read notification capabilities, which means that critical messages are never missed.

OnPage’s platform is infinitely more reliable and secure than traditional methods such as pagers, emails, text messages, and phone calls. With OnPage, you can shrink patient response and consult turnaround time by automating the notification process and role-based messaging, reducing human errors and prioritizing critical messages.

OnPage’s collaboration feature enables care teams to work together seamlessly, regardless of their location or specialty. OnPage democratizes critical information from leading EHR/EMR systems, bringing fragmented information into the hands of care providers securely, and empowering them to make better care decisions.
Additionally, the platform offers advanced alerting and escalations, ensuring that care providers receive critical notifications in real-time on their phones, even when they are not actively using the EHR/EMR platform. In life-and-death situations, this capability is invaluable for healthcare providers to respond quickly and appropriately.
At OnPage, we’ve solved the fragmented communication challenges and critical alerting obstacles that can hinder healthcare teams from providing exceptional patient care. Our secure and reliable platform empowers care providers to respond quickly and collaborate effectively to reduce response times during emergencies.

CEO: Judit Sharon

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